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Sunday, 3 July 2016

When Is Ramadan 2016 Date | Rules & Regulations Of Fasting

When Is Ramadan 2016 Date? Rules & Regulations Of Fasting : Hi, now notifies you when you follow Ramadan 2016 and its rules and regulations. Ramadan is a Muslim holiday that fasting month of Muslims is regarded worldwide. Ramadan is the ninth month of the book and talks about the time when the Koran was heaven, it appeared to the Prophet Muhammad Islamic newspaper. During this month, watch the fasting Muslim group is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. 

When Is Ramadan 2016 Date | Rules & Regulations Of Fasting

Each individual is taken after fasting watches Koran in the middle of Ramadan. They integrate all Muslims, the youth, and even some children lived, why you should be ready to do so. The celebration of Ramadan is considered the violations to burn its viewers. Those who fast to see with immaculate heart and will in the middle of Ramadan, which allegedly are honored by Allah. The importance of Ramadan in Arabic is a red heat or drought. Ramadan lasts 29-30 days in the middle of the limit eating or drinking something in the middle of the daylight hours Muslims. 

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Ramadan Fasting Rules 2016

1. Intent: you should before dawn (dawn) to quickly target every night in the middle of Ramadan. Regardless of the way that you are not bound by ideology, which is to be bonded quickly through the heart.

2. Refrain from actions that make fasting invalid: avoid demonstrations, the sins are considered or lose the meaning of fasting in value.

3. eat or drink in the middle of Ramadan: If you drink or eat accidentally, remains fast legitimate, whether drinking or voluntarily eat his fast is invalid.

4. Vomiting: If someone accidentally spit, his fast is still considerable. Anyway, on the chance that someone, for some reason raises, then you get faster as invalid.

5. Sex: Sex is forbidden during Ramadan fasting. Coincidentally does someone voluntarily sexes during fasting, then it should kaf far rah (persistent fasting for 60 days, or if not possible, feed sixty needy people) for his / her excuse transgression.

6 or delivery of menstrual bleeding: menstrual period or delivery as fast demand refutation for the day. That day should be carried out towards the end of Ramadan.

Then they plan to Ramadan fasting viewers to take Activities 

1. Take a shower: Take a shower taken into consideration for any reason. 
2. Rinse the mouth and nose: The water must however to swallow. 
3. The application of eyeliner or eye drops 
4. infusions for any reason give 
5. randomly, for example, to swallow saliva or ordered or filtered flour 
6. The use of toothpaste or rinses lengths mouth is not 
7-tasting tongue subsistence 
8. Ramadan Kiss principles smoking allowed to swallow allowed be to embrace their own life partners 
9. drawing blood from the body, for any reason in a 
10 and understand if you Ja naa bah 

Ramadan amid all can not avoid fast in the middle of Ramadan. 

Here are some situations where people can be banned by fasting, However, they should compensate later. 
• People eliminated or voyaging 
• women standing in front of postpartum drainage or menstruation 
• People with a long-term illness or old. You can compensate for lost by paying fi di yah (reinforcing a needy person) for every day. 
• Pregnant and lactating women. It could have take or pay fi di yah 

quickly These are some of the events in the middle of Ramadan planned, the more rewards Allah 

1. Have SCHUUR (Pre-dinner break day) can induce just before Fajr (Dawn). 
2. Breakfast not long after nightfall. 
3. Eat to break the fast odd number of new or dried dates. 
4. Pray daily Tarawih after Isha 
5. Strengthening research and recitation of the Qur'an. 
6. The use of Miswak or anything else to clean the mouth. 

When Is Ramadan 2016 Date

Ramadan 2016 begins Monday, June 6 and will run for 30 days until Tuesday 5th of July. 

Muslim calendar, a time when darkness begins yesterday as Muslims Ramadan on the evening of Sunday, June 5. 

• Fasting: without food or drink during the day. 
• Suhoor: the pre-fast meal only observed every day of the month of Ramadan before dawn. 
• Iftar: the power supply that softens quickly into the night, shortly after nightfall. Iftar contains typical food data. 
• The charity, charity is considered to be one of the noblest acts. It has everything a lot of sense in Islam and especially in Ramadan. to avoid the idea of driving through the food is spoiled the poor and be user-friendly. 
• Prayer is said in the Koran that Muslims have invested most of their energy in the middle of Ramadan in petitions to God and to the presentation of the Koran. With a privileged and productive Ramadan! 

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