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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dubai Ramadan Timings, United Arab Emirates Ramadan Timings

Dubai Ramadan Timing 2016 : United Arab Emirates Ramadan Timing 2016 – Hello Everyone Welcome back to my website. In this article I will update united arab emirates Ramadan timing 2016 check out everyone. This Time Ramadan Coming june 7 to july 6, I just find today Ramadan fasting time table according to different places in united arab emirates so check out everyone. Ramadan Mubarak Everyone.

Ramadan Timings 2016

Dubai Ramadan Timings, United Arab Emirates Ramadan Timings

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Dubai Ramadan Timings United Arab Emirates                    

Sehr-o-Iftar Time

Starting DateStarting DaySehrIftar
07 JuneTuesday3:56 am7:09 pm
08 JuneWednesday3:56 am7:09 pm
09 JuneThursday3:56 am7:10 pm
10 JuneFriday3:56 am7:10 pm
11 JuneSaturday3:56 am7:10 pm
12 JuneSunday3:56 am7:11 pm
13 JuneMonday3:56 am7:11 pm
14 JuneTuesday3:56 am7:11 pm
15 JuneWednesday3:56 am7:12 pm
16 JuneThursday3:56 am7:12 pm
17 JuneFriday3:56 am7:12 pm
18 JuneSaturday3:56 am7:12 pm
19 JuneSunday3:57 am7:13 pm
20 JuneMonday3:57 am7:13 pm
21 JuneTuesday3:57 am7:13 pm
22 JuneWednesday3:57 am7:13 pm
23 JuneThursday3:57 am7:13 pm
24 JuneFriday3:58 am7:14 pm
25 JuneSaturday3:58 am7:14 pm
26 JuneSunday3:58 am7:14 pm
27 JuneMonday3:59 am7:14 pm
28 JuneTuesday3:59 am7:14 pm
29 JuneWednesday3:59 am7:14 pm
30 JuneThursday4:00 am7:14 pm
01 JulyFriday4:00 am7:14 pm
02 JulySaturday4:01 am7:14 pm
03 JulySunday4:01 am7:14 pm
04 JulyMonday4:02 am7:14 pm
05 JulyTuesday4:02 am7:14 pm
06 JulyWednesday4:03 am7:14 pm

Sehr-o-Iftar Time (Jafri)

07 JuneTuesday03:46 am07:19 pm
08 JuneWednesday03:46 am07:19 pm
09 JuneThursday03:46 am07:20 pm
10 JuneFriday03:46 am07:20 pm
11 JuneSaturday03:46 am07:20 pm
12 JuneSunday03:46 am07:21 pm
13 JuneMonday03:46 am07:21 pm
14 JuneTuesday03:46 am07:21 pm
15 JuneWednesday03:46 am07:22 pm
16 JuneThursday03:46 am07:22 pm
17 JuneFriday03:46 am07:22 pm
18 JuneSaturday03:46 am07:22 pm
19 JuneSunday03:47 am07:23 pm
20 JuneMonday03:47 am07:23 pm
21 JuneTuesday03:47 am07:23 pm
22 JuneWednesday03:47 am07:23 pm
23 JuneThursday03:47 am07:23 pm
24 JuneFriday03:48 am07:24 pm
25 JuneSaturday03:48 am07:24 pm
26 JuneSunday03:48 am07:24 pm
27 JuneMonday03:49 am07:24 pm
28 JuneTuesday03:49 am07:24 pm
29 JuneWednesday03:49 am07:24 pm
30 JuneThursday03:50 am07:24 pm
01 JulyFriday03:50 am07:24 pm
02 JulySaturday03:51 am07:24 pm
03 JulySunday03:51 am07:24 pm
04 JulyMonday03:52 am07:24 pm
05 JulyTuesday03:52 am07:24 pm
06 JulyWednesday03:53 am07:24 pm

 Hello Everyone Ramdan Kareem Everyone Check Out Here Ramadan Timings, Dubai Ramadan Timings, United Arab Emirates Dubai Ramadan Timings.

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